VW faltered because of security concerns security guards to the IAA on massively

VW faltered because of security concerns security guards to the IAA on massively

Shortly before the first press day of the IAA, concerns about disruptions surrounding the Frankfurt branch show continue to increase in the VW Group.

“The company has massively increased the security staff,” said a Wolfsburg manager of the industry and business newspaper Automobilwoche. Access controls to the group’s Group Media Night will be more stringent than ever, and disruptions or disruptions caused by disruptions should be prevented. Employees of the VW communication, who personally know all accredited media representatives, are to monitor the entrances to the event meticulously. “People with faces unknown to us are checked separately and may not be admitted,” said a VW employee. Specially trained members of the Corporate Security Department would be available in all cases.

In addition to announced protests, it is also feared that car opponents and environmental activists will gain access to the fairgrounds with false information. “Such endeavors have been masses this year,” said a VW manager. “Many tricksters have been flown right away, but nobody knows the dark figure”.

The group evening of VW takes place on Monday evening in hall 3.0 of the IAA premises. The intake starts at 19.00, the program should start at 20.00 clock. The official highlight of the event is likely to be the world premiere of the Stromer ID.3 of the main brand VW Passenger, hopes that the CEO Herbert Diess valuable impetus for the planned rollout of e-mobility. At the same time reveals VW sharpened trademark – even that on the Wolfsburg skyscraper.

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