These are the highlights of Monterey Car Week

Das sind die Highlights der Monterey Car Week
Usually in the morning in California’s Pebble Beach, at best, a few electric golf karts whiz through the coastal fog. But today, a rumble breaks the silence that has not been heard since the 1930s.It’s Monterey Car Week.

Mercedes SSKL is louder than any other car on this day at Monterey Car Week

Because shortly before the vintage car meeting Concours d’Elegance starts on the legendary coastal road 17-Mile Drive a replica of the Mercedes SSKL on maiden voyage, with the Manfred von Brauchitsch 1933 won the Avus race. And his over seven-liter inline six-cylinder is so infernal loud that he drowns even the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti, who are in his tow. From the many Tesla and all the other battery-powered cars to the design study of the VW ID Buggy not to mention.

Car Week started in Monterey

What began almost 70 years ago as a pure beauty contest for classic cars, has now become a gigantic PS party.

Around the more than a dozen Concours, there are at least as many auctions, where the hammer falls every second: Last year, it came, according to the classic insurance Hagerty about 1300 cars under the hammer, for nearly 400 million dollars.

And this year, too, there were many millions of pieces: An Aston Martin DB5 from a James Bond production changed hands at the RM Sotheby’s auction house for $ 6.4 million. The Porsche Type 64, however, as a private car Ferdinand Porsches something like the ancestor of all Stuttgart sports cars, but found no buyer. The current owner was a bid for 17 million dollars too little.

Strictly limited

Many manufacturers bring new cars, which are usually strictly limited. That drives the price and at the same time the interest: Mostly the special series are already sold completely, before the cloth is pulled by them. So many multimillionaires may have been interested in the new Bugatti Cientodieci, which reminds the VW subsidiary of the spectacular super sports car EB110 from the 1990s – the ten copies have already been allocated, says press spokesman Tim Bravo.

The Centodieci costs eight million euros, almost three times as much as a Chiron, which serves as a base. However, there is then a completely separate body as well as 1176 kW / 1600 instead of 1103 kW / 1500 hp for the eight -liter 16-cylinder, Bravo continues. Also Lamborghini has refined its top model and shows the Aventador Roadster as SVJ, which is to be built only 63 times in reference to the year of foundation 1963.

In addition, there is in and around Pebble Beach the first public appearance for the 100-year study of Bentley as well as the Lotus Evija, with which the British sports car manufacturer wants to start electrically into the future.

Some things at Monterey Car Week are only virtual to see

While this novelty sunbathe in the general attention, there are some premieres even in darkened rooms with sealed smartphones to see – and sometimes even only virtually. “Closed Room” presentation is the magic word with which manufacturers want to attract selected VIP customers.

At Mercedes, they may even take a look at the new Maybach version of the GLS, make a seat test in the DB X at Aston Martin, which will compete as Lamborghini Urus and Co.’s first SUV from 2020, or at the make Hyundai’s sister Genesis take a picture of the brand’s first SUV.

The story of Pininfarina Battista, which is the first electric super sports car with 1397 kW / 1,900 hp to establish a new vehicle segment, has also begun in a similar vein. Last year it was still a secret object for the eyes of a select few. Now it is in the limelight on the turf ,

Dzemal Sjenar hopes for such a storyline. He leads the development of design studies at VW in Wolfsburg and this time brought the ID buggy to Pebble Beach. In paired with a Mayers Manx based on the Beetle, which has established this vehicle genus over 50 years ago, the VW engineer buzzes with the Stromer on the 17-Miles-Drive and hopes that this jaunt the poison green toy the way into the series leveled.

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