MotorBusiness | Study Forecasts Porsche, Mercedes and BMW to Grow in 2014

A forecast of market analyst IHS Automotive for auto motor und sport magazine reports that almost all German car manufacturers can look forward to growth in sales in the year 2014.

According to IHS, the Stuttgart-based Porsche, which is projected to grow the most in 2014, will see an increase in sales of 24.8 percent to 200,100 vehicles worldwide in 2014, with its own SUV Macan expected to enjoy high gains in Europe, China, the Middle East and the USA.

Mercedes-Benz is expected to reach the second strongest growth rates of all German manufacturers with projected sales of 1.66915 million vehicles worldwide, an increase of 7.7 percent, possibly displacing Audi at the second place in the premium manufacturer category. According to IHS, Audi is only expected with a sales increase of 4.4 percent amounting to 1.6621 million vehicles to be sold.

Meanwhile, Munich-based BMW will remain to be the strongest in the premium manufacturer category, according to IHS, with an increase of 7.4 percent or 1.7682 million vehicles to be sold, selling 100,000 more units than Mercedes and Audi.



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