Smart Mobility | Carsharing 2.0: Renting out your car via SnappCar

Smart Mobility | Carsharing 2.0: Renting out your car via SnappCar

Many car sharing providers have become established in the last few years. Now the next stage of car sharing has appeared online: renting out your own car, or borrowing somebody else’s.

The automobile is losing its meaning as a status symbol. In our big cities, with well-developed bus and suburban rail networks, more and more people are doing without their own four wheels. No surprise, what with the effect of increasing maintenance costs, insurance, tax and fuel prices. But there are of course occasions when we really do need our own motorized vehicle, whether moving something too big to go on the bus or going off somewhere without good public transportation connections.

It is not only traditional car hire and car sharing companies that fill this gap. There are now web portals where people can rent out their own vehicles or those without their own cars find one in their local area. One such website is SnappCar, a Dutch company that has now gone live in Germany under the name of The site links up lender and borrower, offering everything between the small Smart to the spacious Mercedes Sprinter.

SnappCar ensures that the whole procedure runs smoothly. This above all means payment and insurance. The latter is an important point, as the insurance covers all costs in the event of damage or theft, and automatically covers all vehicles rented out via Along with comprehensive vehicle insurance, liability cover and Europe-wide breakdown assistance are also included.

SnappCar also guarantees all due payments. This not only includes the rental charge, but also any surcharges for dirt, delayed return or late cancellation, whether incurred by lender or borrower.

SnappCar prices are competitive compared to most car hire companies. An Audi A3 costs around 50 euros per day, while a Volvo V70 is yours for 37.50 euros. Car owners can set their own day prices, as well as the charge per kilometer driven. Interestingly, many owners prefer not to bill for the latter. The rental price includes the SnappCar fee of 10 euros, out of which the company can provide the above-mentioned, comprehensive insurance cover.

The biggest current problem is the rather thin range of vehicles on offer. Even in the urban centers of Berlin and Cologne, cars are few and far between. An increasing number of users should also see a corresponding increase in owners willing to rent out their precious four-wheelers.

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