MotorBlogWatch | Aug 2, 2013 : BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Honda, Toyota, GM

MotorBlog Watch

New BMW 328d Achieves 45 MPG Highway in EPA Ratings
In Europe, many people who know cars will tell you that an E90 BMW 3-Series (previous-gen), equipped with the firm’s trusty four-pot diesel engine, is one of (if not the) best all-round package you will find anywhere in the industry. (CARSCOOPS)+++

Mercedes-Benz in the works with a “GLC-Class” GL-based “coupe” flagship crossover with five-doors

Germany’s has apparently learned that Mercedes-Benz is expressing interest to produce a more personalized version of the GL-Class full-size SUV crossover in the form of a GL-Class Coupe. The idea is to produce a competitor against the rumored Audi Q8 and BMW X7.(EGMCARTECH)+++ 

Man Attempts 1,200 Mile Journey in Solar-Powered ELF Bike/Car
Organic Transit’s ELF has grown from a Kickstarter project into an amazing personal transit vehicle, and now a 65-year-old man from Cambridge is attempting to ride the 1,200 miles from Durham, North. (INHABITAT)+++

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hosts hour-long town hall Q&A with Tesla owners
It’s not every day that you see a CEO being this accessible and transparent, but it’s definitely something that we should see more of. (TREEHUGGER)+++

Honda, Toyota, GM set pace as sales climb 14%
U.S. light-vehicle sales — driven by double-digit gains at six of the seven biggest automakers — rose 14 percent in July, just below forecasts but strong enough to keep the industry’s recovery on solid ground. Honda Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corp. and General Motors posted gains of 16 percent or more. (AUTONEWS)+++

Ferrari May Have Issues With Convertibles It Did Not Build
Any Ferrari built when the founder, Enzo Ferrari, was still in control of the company is, by definition, a collectible car. Because of the glamour of Ferrari convertibles built in that era, and their relative rarity compared with coupes, there is special place in the hearts and wallets of collectors for the open-top models known as Spiders. (NYT)+++

You Can Finally Buy an Electric Airplane, and It’s Just $40K
GreenWing International is finally taking orders for the eSpyder electric airplane after ironing out all the kinks over the past few years. (AUTOPIA)+++


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