Air or Car Accident? Insurers are Clueless #Video

Air or Car Accident? Insurers are Clueless #Video

It can be assumed that Ray Siebring has not had to fill out a claims form for his insurance. What did he have an accident with? Well, he fell from the sky in an automobile. Is he covered by his insurance policy, and will the police believe him?

The latter is confirmed, with the pilot roughly landing his flying automobile named Maverick in some bushes in Vernon, Canada. Fortunately, he missed the nearby school…

The unfortunate pilot said that he got into difficulties while coming in to land, and managed three spirals in the air above British Columbia. Then, the fun and games were over. The man and his passenger were injured and taken to hospital.

The Maverick looks like a beach buggy with a propeller and a parachute. Amazingly, it is not a one-off.

+ Links: Maverick | via The Globe and Mail | Photo: Curtis Allen – CTV News via Twitter

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