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Rapide S Hydroracer

Austin Martin is no stranger to the race track. But it’s new vehicle will be the first of ti’s kind to race in an international event.  The vehicle is based on the company’s 4-door sports car and is called the Rapide S. What makes this vehicle so unusual is that it is powered by hydrogen.

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The Rapide S will be competing next month in the 41st ADAC Zurich 24 hours of Nerburgring. The heart of the vehicle will be a 6.0 liter twin turbo charged V12, having the capability to run on wither pure gaseous hydrogen, straight gas or a combo of the two.

Rapide S Hydroracer

The system for this Austin Martin hydrogen Vehicle  will consist of a proprietary engine management system, a hydrogen fuel rail an d storage tanks. This will allow for optimum acceleration, power and CO2  reduction due to being able to switch between gasoline, pure hydrogen or a combination of the two based on the particular driving situation. Now that, is a pretty complex system.

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The aim of Austin Martin and their partner on the project Alset Global is to show that a 0 CO2 emission lap is possible with only water coming from the tailpipe. This is a rather ambitious project  and it should be very very interesting to see how this new hydroracer performs.


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