MotorBlog Watch | July 26, 2013 : Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai, GM

MotorBlog Watch

Report Says Next Mitsubishi EVO will be a 500HP Nissan GT-R Fighter and a Hybrid
Rumors regarding the possible transformation of the next Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution into a hybrid are not new, yet what Autocar has just reported does seem to be fresh. The British publication says that not only will the car gets part of its power from electric motors, but also that there will be plenty of it to go around, and have thrown out a possible value of 500 horses.(CARSCOOPS)+++

Honda wants Acura to produce models in China by 2016
China took the trophy a long time ago as the world’s largest automotive market simply because it has emerged so quickly within the last decade. As a result, it shouldn’t be news that automakers have been focusing a lot of their efforts on the most populous country in the world as it represents the most potential capital (EGMCARTECH)+++

Hyundai ix35: World’s First Production Fuel Cell Car Arrives in the UK
The first hydrogen-powered fuel cell production vehicles will soon be arriving in the UK with the launch of the Hyundai ix35. Five of the groundbreaking vehicles will be part of the London Hydrogen (INHABITAT)+++

Plug-in sales are way ahead of where hybrid sales were 31 months after introduction
Last month the U.S. Department of Energy launched its ‘eGallon’ online tool that allows you to see what the amount of electricity necessary to drive an average electric car as far as a gallon of gasoline would cost where you live. (TREEHUGGER)+++

GM results show relief in Europe, new strains in Asia
GM results show relief in Europe, new strains in AsiaGM posted higher second-quarter net profit in its two biggest markets — North America and China — and surprised analysts with a much narrower loss in Europe.(AUTONEWS)+++

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