Green Motor | Mercedes Showcases Solar-Powered Golf Cart Concept ‘Vision’

Green Motor | Mercedes Showcases Solar-Powered Golf Cart Concept 'Vision'

In the near future, moving around the country club is going to be more stylish and greener with Mercedes-Benz’ Vision.

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With the sleek design cues taken off their luxurious fleet of vehicles, like the diamond grille used on their cars, the Vision golf cart design is crowdsourced from automobile and gold fans from around the world who submitted ideas for an MB golf cart of the future.

Powered by an electric motor with batteries charged by a solar module integrated on the roof, the vision also features a center console that houses a multimedia panel that docks an iPad or iPhone or any USB device, an airconditiong system, music system and communication with the clubhouse or other gold carts. And in true Mercedes Benz fashion, the Vision golf cart comes with heated and ventilated seats in additon to a neck-level heating system that functions as a scarf in colder weather.

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