Car Art | “Totemobile”: Citroen DS is a real Transformer .. #Video

Citroen DS is a real Transformer

I know millions of geeks are fans of Transformers. While I don’t doubt that such robots will soon rule the earth, it will be long before we get to see cars transform into real robots like the Autobots and Decepticons. The closest we have today is this Citroen DS “transformed” by Brooklyn artist Chico MacMurtrie.

The Citroën DS morphs into a 60-foot totem pole-slash-headlamp. The name “Totemobile” fits this creation perfectly by MacMurtrie. The creator started the project in 2007 and it took him a long time to finish the car-robot-pole.

The robot won’t and can’t fire even if it has four laser shields. It has more than a hundred sensors and is not meant to be shown off in small spaces.

The Totemobile is expected to be showcased at Citroën’s showroom in Paris. It was set up at the Shanghai Biennial according to MacMurtrie but it’s now in Amsterdam. After Amsterdam, it will return to Paris later this 2013.

+ Link: The New York Times

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