GPS-controlled Headlamps know what to do

GPS controlled Headlamps know what to do

LED headlamps are green. Thanks to Audi for introducing these LED lights and now, it plans to spread the green revolution by adding more features like GPS, selective dimming, and pedestrian detection. The Audi A8 sedan will be the first vehicle to feature such made possible by small LEDS that also control the amount and placement of lights.

Of course, LEDs help conserve energy but we have little idea that the small diodes can work independently, therefore, can be easily controlled. Audi will be refreshing the A8 sedan with GPS-controlled headlights that actually know when another vehicle is approaching or when the car is about to turn.

Each headlamp is equipped with 25 high-intensity LEDs that are connected to the GPS system of the car and a camera. The purpose is to avoid blinding the other driver with the car’s light. The system tells a computer what the LEDs should do.

The new Audi A8s will be ready before the year ends, equipped with GPS headlamps. The lamps also feature night-vision assistance that signals the pedestrian and flashes him LEDs to catch his attention.

GPS controlled headlight GPS-controlled Headlamps know what to do

+ Link: Wired | Photos: Audi

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