Geek Vehicles | The Bike, That sends SMS #Video

Geek Vehicles | The Bike, That sends SMS #Video

However old a bicycle is, Antonio Belmontes can add new handlebars, giving the bike a new lease of life as a “smartbike”. His invention goes under the name of Helios Bars, and is equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, LED, and is also able to send a stream of short messages to its owner.

The point of that? Well, bikes can of course be stolen. With a Radel app, the owner can ask his/her loyal two-wheeler where its unwillingly-chosen new location is. The bike sends an SMS with a link to Googlemaps. The bike can subsequently be traced, leaving its “new” owner with unexpected legal bother. The SMS locating system is also very practicable if the rider has managed to get lost. A pre-paid SMS chip card is the only extra needed.

The LED lights are also rather swish, with the color indicating the speed at which the rider is moving. Something really original: the lights come on when the owner approaches it…

The smart handlebars have already won over many cyclists. Belmontes has set a target of 70,000 dollars at Kickstarter, and with two days still remaining has already obtained 113,118. The investors are promised a rebate on the handlebars once in production.

+ Link: kickstarter 

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