Green Motor | Bosch: Plugless Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging System Now Available

Plugless Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging System Now Available

EV car owners must have gotten really excited when the Evatran Group spoke of introducing a wireless charging system for EVs in the US back in 2010. Now guess what? Thanks to a partnership with Bosch Automotive Solutions group; your wait is finally over.

This will be the first system of its kind to be commercially available in the United States. The Plugless Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging System works similar to that of a pad based charger used for mobile phones.

The system includes a parking pad which goes on the garage floor, a wall mounted panel that is wired to a 30Amp 240V power source in the house and a vehicle adapter. It works by the owner simply positioning the vehicle over the pad. Do that and Voila! Charging will begin.

For those who intend to do more than just marvel at this technology, the system prices range from US$2,998 to US$3,098 depending on your vehicle. Do take note, due to the wireless nature of the device there will be a small loss of energy whilst charging, plus there is no word yet on how long the charging process will take. But all in all it’s a neat system that should be quite a hot seller and if it turns out to not be so great, let us look on the bright side. It’s at the least, a great start to develop on.

+ Link: Bosch PluglessPower 

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