Silly | Hot Girls Hot Things Shows Us Hot Girls Doing, Ummm… #Video

Hot Girls Hot Things Shows Us Hot Girls Doing, Ummm...

Alrighty then! This is super intriguing.  Just how many of you know of a set of videos called “Hot Girls Hot Things (HGHT)”? If you don’t. Well it’s basically girls in bikinis and…stuff like that with, ummmm…hot things, as the name suggests.

They did two car related videos, one called Bikini Bangarang where the girls in, well, yes, you guessed it; bikinis,blocked the streets of Hollywood and Highland. We are willing to place a bet on it though, that the hold up was more of a kick in the pants for many of the drivers and not so much of an annoyance. No matter how much later they might have ben for wherever they were headed at the time.

In the other video, the girls demonstrate that you don’t necessarily need hands to wash a car. If you know what we mean. You can pretty much sum that one up on your own. But think along the lines of, no hands, plenty of rubbing and lots of soap and water. So, if youre bored and believe in the effectiveness of using hands, you might want to check out the videos.

+ via CarScoops

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