Classic Cars | Mini-documentary shows us how the BMW 02 Series came about #Video

Mini-documentary shows us how the BMW 02 Series came about #Video

Ever wondered how BMW became one of the best German automakers in the market? It took them many decades of research and experience to be known as the Ultimate Driving Machine builder. It first showcased its 1600-2 two-door at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966 and from then on, BMW has been unveiling great cars year after year.

The video below summarizes BMW’s many successes the past years. From the 2-door 1600-2 to the 1602 to the 2002 model and now the BMW 3 Series, BMW has been pioneering and giving the world really innovative cars.

“This series was extraordinarily successful in reinterpreting the concept of the sports saloon and played a major role in motor sport long after production had come to an end.”

Sporty, lightweight, and compact. That’s what BMW cars are known for.

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