Green Motor | BMW to Offer iOwners Solar In-Home Charging

Solarwatt Carport System

Owners of the new i-range of vehicles from BMW (respective the BMW i8 and BMW i3 models) will be able to benefit from a new creative method of charging their vehicles by later on in the year. It will be a solar powered charging system installed in the owners garage.

The charger will include a household micro-generation system to aid in reducing the cost of the home’s electricity bill.

Well that everyone could appreciate. Now since it’s solar powered, the amount of power the system produces greatly depends on how much sun exposure the panels receive during the year. But despite that, the system is still able to produce adequate power in areas which are mostly cloudy.

The system  is thanks to German firm Solarwat. There is no word as yet on how much this system will cost. But many i owners might certainly opt for installing one of these systems on their home. Whatever it costs, it should be worth it in the long run.

– BMW i8 & i3 Concept at the Paris Motor Show
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