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This Helmet Will Lead You there

A new Russian company known as LiveMap, has developed a new helmet that could come in handy to a lot of riders. Because indeed, it is not just any helmet. What sets this helmet apart from the rest is that it comes with a navigation system built in. That is a major difference. There is no other helmet out there to give you any form of direction. They just plop on your head waiting for that day that you go skidding on the floor in order to do it’s job.

This new helmet comes equipped with a ear phone, microphone, light sensor and a micro display which displays the information in full color in the middle of the riders visor. This is all controlled by the riders voice commands. Extra cool point given to this helmet.

Now, you may be thinking that the display must block the riders vision, but thanks to the light sensors it keeps it transparent no matter what time of day it is,  This technology is similar to that of the heads up display in a fighter jet. It also features a digital compass which keeps pointing accurately even when the riders head is tilted. Plus it also comes with an integrated gyroscope.

When it comes to power,that’s provided by two lithium-ion batteries which are charged via USB and provides a day’s worth of use. LiveMap is currently going through Indiegogo, to source $150,000 to build a prototype. When production gets underway ,the helmet will run you around $2,000, that’s a high pricetag but the concept is new so maybe in another couple of years the price might gradually go down.

+ Link: indiegogo 

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