Unimog reloaded: Mercedes-Benz Next Gen Utility Vehicles

Mercedes New Gen Utility Vehicles unimog

Mercedes not only builds some rather extravagant luxury and sports cars, but they also produce a tough line of utilitarian trucks as well. The two model lines of these tough trucks are the Econic transporter and the Unimog. Now the company has released the new generation to these models.

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Let’s start with the Unimog. The Stuttgart, Germany based car company is known for producing some of the sexiest cars around. The Unimog is the total opposite. It is to say the least, quite a horrid looking thing. But looks was not on the list of priorities when it came to making this vehicle, as they are purpose built work horses. Really, their sole function is to get the job done and that, they do well.

The Unimog has seven engine options to choose from; ranging from 4 to 6 cylinder gas and diesel engines. The power outputs for these options ranging from 156 to 354 hp. The engines in the new models have all been improved when it comes to performance, efficiency and duh, emissions.  So they will have the ability to comply with the new EuroVI emission standards, coming into effect in 2014.

Other features associated with the new Unimog are power hydraulic system upgrades, a stronger heating and ventilation system, a panoramic cab, multi-function steering wheel and instrument cluster, touch keys, synergistic traction drive system and a tire inflation system. Last but not least is the exterior. As hard as it is to believe, it was “improved”. Honestly? It didn’t seem to help much. It’s still bloody ugly.

Now on to the Econic EuroVI. Unlike the Unimog, it features clean euro styling. The new models are equipped with extra storage space,  a reworked cockpit with functional ergonomic updates, a reconfigured gear shift, newly arranged air vents, upgraded installation, an electric sun blind and together, all of this is to  make the work space more comfortable.

Engine options for The Econic VI are not as vast as the options available with the Unimog. The utility vehicle only comes with two 6 cylinder engine options with output power ranging from 299 hp to 354.  Where it may not have many engines to choose from, the Econic VI does have a few drive trains to choose from. These include 6 x 4, 6 x 2 /4 or 4 x 2 axle setups. The Vi is quite versatile as well, it could be used for either food delivery, garbage collecting, street sweeping and even as a fire truck. Just add the ladder.

All in all, Mercedes new line of trucks are damn decent, exempting the ratchet sight of the Unimog that is. But at the end of the day, they will both get the job done and in comfort too.

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