Green Motor | Sunswift Eve The Not Far-Out Solar Car We’ve Been Waiting For? #Video

Studies erschaffen Eva als Solarauto #Video

The Sunswift racing team from the University of New South Wales, is a solar racing car racing team known for futuristic, spaceship-looking car designs. But their new vehicle, that is to be unveiled on August 9th,has drifted from that common solar car look.

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This new solar car is called Eve ,and is intended to look more like a regular car.The car will actually have doors and four wheels. It was designed to be a more practical and safe vehicle.There is no word yet on what kind of performance Eve will put down. It seems all of that will be unveiled along with it’s body on August 9, 2013.

Sunswift is currently collecting pledges to be able to build Eve.They have a target figure of (Australian) $20,000 which they are  trying to achieve. Last time we checked,  they’ve collected $17,090. It appears as if the team will collect enough to reach their target ,and we wish them the best of luck.

+ Photos: Sunswift | Pozible

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