Shame, Shame on Motorists Driving down Bike Lanes #Video

Shame, Shame on Motorists Driving down Bike Lanes #Video

More and more cities worldwide are putting in bike lanes for cyclists. This is a good move as more people are riding bicycles, to do their commuting in the city due to traffic , gas prices and other reasons.  Cycling not only makes it quicker and more convenient to navigate crowded cities, but its less costly than maintaining a vehicle.

Unfortunately though there are some $%#hole drivers, that drive down the bike lanes to get around traffic and for whatever other purpose they see fit.Not only does this pose a danger to cyclists, but it’s bloody annoying and quite inconsiderate. Well two Mexican TV presenters decided to do something about it.

Essentially what they did was to ride in the bike lane and basically shamed any driver that was seen driving in the lane.Unfortunately the video is in Spanish so some wont understand what the crap theyre saying,but you can still get the general gist of whats being done. This was a good act by the presenters, and hopefully it will help ditter other hoggish drivers from doing the same.

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