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Scrooser Gives You A Boost In The Kick #Video

If you ever wanted a typical kick scooter with the aid of an electric motor, Germany  has just the thing for you. Its called the Scrooser and the electric motor actually amplifies the power of the riders kick. Hmmm, rather intriguing.

The process under which the Scrooser works is called impulse drive,and it  boosts the riders kick up to four times the power. Damn, that is awesome. The Scrooser scooter comes equipped with a 1,000 watt electric motor built into the hub.The motor recieves electrical power from a 20-Ah 48 volt lithium-ion battery pack which is located under the foot board.

The Scrooser however weighs a lot more than your typical scooter coming at 61lb,so throwing it over your shoulder to walk into the mall would be to say the least a bit difficult.It comes with a safety feature where the motor will automatically shut off if you need to stop as you kick off ,that’s a great feature.The Scrooser has a top speed of 15mph so its not really fast but fast enough to still enjoy it.

The Scrooser also features a steel cable lock which is bulit into the frame,LED daytime running lights,an ignition lock and one of its most noticable physical features  has to be the fat wheels which they say gives the Scrooser a snowboard like ride.

The designers are currently launching a Kickstart campaign to get the funds needed to start production. If you’re interested in your own fat wheeled Scrooser,a pledge of US$3,950 will be required to get you scooting down your street.This is a really neat little scooter and it should be lots of fun to ride or should we say kick on?

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