Green Motor | VW Upping it With The e-up!

Green Motor | VW Upping it With The e-up!

There are some companies that love to simply take the world by storm.  Before the world can catch a breath, they are ready to shock it with an all new model.  Volkswagen had not too long ago announced the XL1 hybrid would go into production for 250 units to be sold and they have unveiled a new vehicle which will be its first ever electric vehicle to go into full production, the e-up!

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The e-up!(yeah, the exclamation is apart of the name, once again) was unveiled at the Annual Press and Investors Conference in Wolfsburg.  It is a four-seater vehicle with an 81 horsepower electric motor and a 18.7 kWh lithium-ion battery.   The car has a 93 mile driving range, which makes it ideal for commuters who may have rather long drives or just simply want that extra mile for their volt.  The car’s refueling capabilities allows it to use either AC or DC adapters for charging.  This makes it really versatile in that regardless of the power source or rate, the car can be powered up.  From empty the car can be charged to 80% in 30 minutes! That is a super plus for this vehicle.

Design wise, it is very similar to the gas powered up!, however the e-up! has a few exclusive trims, namely the curved daytime running lights on the front bumper and some other aerodynamic tweeks that gives it an edge over its gas counterpart.  Sales will begin in February 2014 after its debut in Frankfurt, Germany at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

It seems VW is making good on their word to stake a claim in the EV market especially after unveiling the XL1 at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this month.   No price has yet been slated for this model,but hopefully it will be in a range that is reasonably affordable.  The e-up! in any case, seems to be quite able to pay for itself in the long run considering the possible savings with the mileage it carries even if the price does actually come up a little high.  This alone may make the purchase of this vehicle at the time of its sale debut a worthwhile investment.


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