Blackraid bicycle Looking to Raid Your Pockets. But Extremely Light On The Arms

Blackraid bicycle Looking to Raid Your Pockets. But Extremely Light On The Arms

The Earth has an abundance of resources to supply its inhabitants in order for them to provide food and shelter for themselves.  Birds have trees in which the materials can be used to build nests, ants dig and burrow into the ground which houses their colonies and so forth.  Mankind with our continually growing intuitive mind has found ways to manipulate everything around us to make it into something useful.

We take what we have and make our lives to as much an extent we can; less stressful.  We mobilize ourselves from point A to point B unlike any other creature on this planet in a variety of ways, making them out of compounds we create with the elements given.

Carbon for one is not exactly the rarest resource around, however it has been shown to be very useful in helping us to move around.  Carbon fiber is often used as a substitute for metal on some vehicle components and aircraft.  It is lightweight and tends to be very durable. This makes it a good candidate for manufacturing some parts.   This has now reached to bicycles as well, where the use of the durable lightweight substance is the idea behind the Blackraid bicycle.

Built in Munich Germany by Munich Composites, the bicycle comes in a fixed and touring edition.  The body is made of carbon fiber and wrapped in resin. The captivating aspect of this bike is it’s weight not being over 11 pounds.  This of course makes the fully assembled machine also very easy to carry when it is not being ridden.

The price however may deter several people from getting it.  Carbon may be commonly found, but this wheeled German machine fetches an easy $20,000 on the market at this point.

So while it may be light on the shoulders it is obviously pretty heavy on the wallet.  At that price maybe paying $400 for that 10 speed does not seem like such a bad idea, especially when that kind of money may buy a nice late model BMW and leave some extra over.

The bicycle is being sold by PG bikes at this time.  It seems like a light and fun ride but at that steep price, jogging my cause less occurrences of buyer’s dissonance .


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