Green Motor | The Folding Car: Does it go any smaller?

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The principle of folding something bulky is not revolutionary. After all we have folding bikes, folding chairs and folding knives in large numbers. Why then should the car industry be left behind? Consider, then, the Casple-Podadera. This Spanish car, that could almost fit in your pocket, can be driven while saving a lot of space.

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The car is only 1.9 metres long when its wheels are retracted. Even with wheels extended it is only 2.2 metres long. In comparison the Smart Car seems like a stretch limousine. In any case, the driver of the Casple-Podadera competes with motorbikes, not cars for parking spaces.

Designer Francisco Podadera offers models both with and without doors. The company Casple makes electric as well as petrol and hybrid motors available options. Over 130 kilometres, the small car can go from nought to a hundred in 11 seconds.

The maximum number of 2 passengers should feel as safe in the Casple-Podadera as in a real car.

Where will the development of small, space-saving cars designed for city centres lead? As it is now parking in spaces for motorbikes is a possibility. Will in the future bicycle stands be enough?

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