AutoMotorTech | Automatic Link turns Smartphones into a Driving Aid

automatic link
Nowadays cars are packed full with so much electronic equipment that some nostalgics are already asking themselves where space is now left for the motor.

The performance of each of these internal electronics is individually improved by Automatic Link, by creating a connection with a smartphone, which has in itself now become a computer.

Automatic link is plugged into the same port which mechanics use to take a reading from the dashboard computer. The connection with the smartphone is then established via bluetooth.

Then, on the installation of a particular app, the phone can, for example, produce sounds signalling when you break too hard, when you accelerate too quickly, or when you exceed the speed limit for an extended period of time.
In addition to this, the user is able to retrieve a weekly report on his behaviour behind the wheel, and can see which routes he has recently driven.

Automatic link is for the time being only available in the US (at a cost of 70$). Information about supported car models can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

[Link] [via] / Dieter Jirmann/Fv

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