VW XL1 Pointing The Auto Company in The Right Direction

VW XL1 Pointing The Auto Company in The Right Direction

The Geneva Auto Show has definitely brought out automakers in droves as they show the world what they have in store for the future.  Zero-emission hybrids and UFO shaped concept vehicles are the order of the day. Especially since the automotive industry has shown a growing concern for the environment, they are now looking at these alternative fuel sources to provide to their current and prospective customer base. A recent entrant into this trend was Volkswagen, with their XL1 model. The new plug in hybrid marks their entry into this market as the world’s most fuel-efficient production car, according to VW.

The XL1 is a two seat coupe that is run by a diesel engine alongside electric motors, which help get the car an interesting 261 mpg rating by European standards though the EPA has yet to verify this information. At this point sales will be done mainly in Germany and Austria, with a run of 250 units to be sold. In light of this however CEO of Volkswagen Group of America Jonathan Browning told Automotive News that he will request a handful of XL1s for the United States market, “even if it’s just on the basis of a test fleet.” So apparently US customers will also be able to get a taste of what VW has to offer with the XL1, which is according to them a showpiece of things to come in future models from them, which as Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn told the audience through a translator. “It is going to benefit everyone.”

This of course may present itself in models such as a new e-Golf, planned to make an appearance in showrooms later this year. There is also talk of some work to be done on the same assembly with Audi as well, regarding the production of the e-tron and g-tron, which will feature a similar diesel hybrid powertrain much like the XL1. So it seems it will be an exciting year for motorists and automakers as they play around with hybrid technology and look to stretch it as far as it can go. If the XL1 is any indication of this, then Volkswagen has definitely made many strides in the right direction.


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