Pimped…Range Rover? What the?

Pimped...Range Rover? What the?

Now most of us appreciate cars for one reason or another. Some may simply just want four wheels to take them from point A to point B and are not fussy about what takes them there. While, others want a car to simply appreciate its curves and capabilities and accompanying attributes. Meanwhile, there are those who see their cars  as an expression of who they are and what they are into. In light of this, it is very common to see cars being tuned and modified to look and perform differently from how they did stock. Tuning has been around for years. It is in fact,now a very big and integral part of the auto industry as many companies build aftermarket parts or sometimes whole modified models inspired by auto makers.

Popular aftermarket euro-tuner company, Hamann, is famous for their work. Especially with European cars, such as BMW, Volkswagen, Ferrari and many others. One particular project of interest was their Hamann Range Rover, the Mystere.  It was displayed at the Geneva Auto Show.

The first thing that screams at you when you see this car is the chrome pink paint job. It immediately tells everyone that this is not the everyday Range Rover. In fact the Mystere decal is printed on both front doors. Now to compliment this loud paint job is the body kit which lowers the car some and provides  improved aerodynamics. All this is topped off or should we say grounded; on  a set of black rims. This vehicle proves that Hamann can ‘pimp’  just about anything.

Some may agree that it’s a bit excessive. After all, the Range Rover is not a cheap vehicle by any means. So all those extra modifications will take extra cash out of your pocket. However it is nice to know that the option is available for those who may want to consider it. Some people simply like to stand out and the Hamann Mystere is one vehicle that will definitely break some necks as it passes.


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