Ferrari Veneno; Made To Blow Your Brains and Your Funds Away!

Ferrari Veneno; Made To Blow Your Brains and Your Funds Away!

So everyone is talking about all the amazing cars that will be at the Geneva Auto Show. From Alfa Romeo to Volvo, automakers are seeking to go all out to blow away everyone. Now all these cars have some unique features in their own way to appeal to the different automotive tongues. Some will be looking at the different hybrids, or EV’s various concept cars, One thing’s sure though.  It would not be an Auto Show without some super high priced four wheeled carriages being present.

In fact this one has a rather very high price, revving to the tune of 4.6 million dollars. This is the Lamborghini Veneno. The photos of Lamborghini’s new hypercar almost scream ‘The next Batmobile , with the ostentatious front and rear spoilers and side skirts that look like they cut like a hot katana through a bamboo tree. No specs have been announced yet, just photos to tease the minds of all the diehard fans of the bull. The rest of the details will be announced by the company at the Auto Show.

It is most definitely a treat to see something like this Veneno on the road. Though to be honest many of us would surely find something far more useful to do with 4.6 million, like maybe retire.  It is still a dream. Almost begs to wonder what could be in that car to cost so much. Best to check out the Geneva Auto show and see what they will have to say.


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