Nissan Barely Makes It For Geneva Show, Late for Their Own Deadline

Nissan Barely Makes It For Geneva Show, Late for Their Own Deadline

It is coming down to that time, when one of the most talked about auto shows is about to take place. This is the Geneva Auto Show and all the big names in the auto industry will be putting their best foot or feet forward to wow all participants and patrons of this illustrious event. Though it seems that some participants from the Far East, more specifically Hyundai may have put in one of their feet rather late; they have completed their ix35 Fuel Cell car just in time for the show.

Not to say that they are early though, in fact the ix35 is some 57 days late from rolling off the assembly line in Ulsan Korea on the 26th of February. Production was slated to start by the end of 2012 but apparently they had faced some hiccups along the way. They however stated that they intend to make and lease 1,000 vehicles by the year 2015, which is the year most other companies such as Nissan and Toyota intend to release their H2 vehicles on a wider scale. Hyundai said that deliveries to European regions are already on the go, starting with the first 17 that have been already manufactured and rolled out. This is being done according to Hyundai, “in order to prepare the market for mass production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles”. The ix35 has a max speed of 99 mph and gets to 369 miles with each fill up.

The hydrogen powered ix35 will apparently have some differences from the gas powered version that are exclusive. These include a refreshed radiator grille, bumper and fog lamps. The seven-inch GPS is also exclusive to the hydrogen-powered ix35. Hyundai may have been late to the party at the Geneva Auto Show but they have a head start ahead of the competition, claiming the title of, “World’s first automaker to launch mass production of Fuel Cell vehicles.” Real smooth Hyundai, real smooth.


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