Mitsubishi Sport Utility Hybrid Truck At Geneva Show

Mitsubishi Concept GR-HEV teaser

We live in a world that is constantly and continuously changing. In fact change happens so fast that by the time we sleep and rise the next morning, there is something new out there to greet us. By the time we brush our teeth there is a new invention and innovation out that is there to change the way we all live on this planet. For those of us who like pickup trucks, best believe by the time there is enough money in the bank to buy that 2013 Ford F-150, the 2014 model has been mass produced…or for a change of pace, the Concept GR-HEV will be at the next Geneva Auto Show.

Mitsubishi stated that this model will actually be a “sport utility hybrid truck.” This according to Mitsubishi will be the first time they are applying hybrid technology to a one-ton truck. The truck will use a diesel engine combined with electric motors. This is so that the GR-HEV can actually be considered a heavy duty vehicle to do the job Mitsubishi expects it to be able to do. It also will be a full time AWD drivetrain and a development of Mitsubishi’s Super All-Wheel Control system (which governs things like stability and brake force control along with an active center differential) as seen on the production Lancer Evolution sports cars. Other than this 1 ton titan, Mitsubishi is looking to unveil at the Geneva Motor show the CA-MiEV. This will be a big step here again for Mitsubishi’s EVs as they are taking their EV’s out of the city. Mitsubishi states that “next generation EV systems and high density batteries” that give it a range of 186 miles. Well with the idea of this truck, it is clear that Mitsubishi wants to show that they are capable of finding a way to get through any terrain.


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