Wifi to become the latest feature available in most new cars

In the competitive automobiles industry of today, just having great exteriors and inner workings that you don’t deal much with in everyday life, are just not enough. With people driving far and wide for work, people spend a great deal of their time in the car and want one with every convenience that it can possibly offer.

The latest offering that is catching the fancy of buyers galore is wifi in cars. And no, if you are thinking that is going to be way out of your budget, you’ll be surprised to know that it is not only the bigwigs that are looking to enter this segment, but just about every automaker out there.

Says Jay Leno,

“Bad cars don’t really exist anymore, so car makers are looking for ways to make their models stand out,” he says. “And the one place we spend more time than anywhere except our house or office is the car. It’s not a surprise people want the same gadgetry on the road.”

Considering an average person uses a car for almost 5 years, most of the technology becomes obsolete within the first year. However, with things like wifi, those things are permanently useful in cars these days.

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