Vauxhall Ampera wins the hearts of the police

European cars do have an excellent track record for fuel efficiency and user-friendliness, and looks like now the police cars will sport the same virtues. Scotland Yard has been rooting for the Vauxhall Ampera for a while now and might have just decided on it being its car of choice for police purposes, come 2015.

The car has won at a competition created by the Association of Chief Police Officers Intelligent Transport Systems (ACPO ITS) to “demonstrate an electric vehicle that uses cutting-edge crime-fighting technology that could be introduced into active Police service by 2015.”

The car packs in a lot of excellence at: Four external-mounted cameras for evidence gathering, internal camera for facial recognition linked to the Police National Database, the standard Ampera display screen modified to provide all information currently available to Police officers, a second screen mounted on the passenger sun visor to allow the passenger to access all Police information, and new police software that has been loaded with previous incidents and historic data that is run through complex algorithms to predict potential crime hotspots.

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