How about a Ferrari that is 66 pounds lighter yet super awesome?

People who love the Ferrari know that every Ferrari is the ultimate story of class, speed, and splendor in itself, and there isn’t much room for improvement on any of those since they are already so perfect. However, nobody is going to complain when they get to enjoy the same class, splendor, and speed at 66 pounds lighter. How is that possible? Thanks to the constant improvements in the alluminium body making process for cars.

The 490 HP of the car is a result of the fitment of a new exhaust manifold and tweaking the ECU. The result is a 0-62 mph run in 3.8 seconds with a modified torque curve.

Along with the upgrades, Ferrari is also offering a new Handling Speciale package that packs magnetorheological dampers (similar to those initially developed for the 599 GTB Fiorano) that can more rapidly adjust the suspension on the fly, coupled with a quicker steering ratio and stiffer springs.

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