Sweet Harley Davidson Trike Prototype

Any real bike lover must know Harley Davidson and I am sure most most love their bikes. How could you not with that sweet sounding V-Twin and mean aggressive styling? Especially when you take into consideration the endless possibilities in the customization department.

The legendary bike compay has produced a pair of prototype bikes, or I should say Trikes. Yup, that’s right! Trikes! The prototypes are based on drawings of a Harley Davidson leaning Trike and they were designed by the legendary custom car builder John Buttora, which explains why these Trikes are so monumental.

The trikes have been given the name Penster and theri power comes from non other than a 45 degree air cooled V-Twin and features two wheel to the front and one to the back. However the details and how the innovative leaning mechanism works is still not completely understood.

Unfortunately the trikes will never be put into production and I think that is a real party pooper. The only place you will be able to view them is at the Harley Davidson museum. I would love to see Harley Davidson rethink their decision to not produce them. Because I along with thousand if not millions of others would definitely invest in one, for it is truly a mechanical work of art.





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