Lotus throws in a teaser steal of its Lotus Exige 2012

With the drawing closer, and all automobile biggies doing everything they can to attract as much attention as possible into their own display rooms, Lotus has gone ahead and released a trailer, which not only sports a pretty catchy, mysterious punchline, but also has a picture of the Lotus Exige 2012 flashing over to give you the thrills.

Make the rules. Break the rules. More Lotus than EVER. In the fight for Frankfurt there are no rules. Only what a person can do and what a person can’t.

But what have Lotus done this time? Are the rules about to be re-written?

There’s only one way to find out: 9.00am (CET), 13 September: Frankfurt Motor Show Hall 5, Stand B02Let the games begin.

Interesting slogan to say the least, but the real thrill lies in the teaser. Enjoy.

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