[IAA] Audi will have the IAA 2011 at your fingertips

For those of who that are not going to be able to make it to the IAA 2011, there will be the digital world at your fingertips that will give you access to everything at the IAA almost as good as if you actually attended it. Audi in fact will soon be releasing its Audi IAA 2011 app that will be available on iPhone, iPod Touch as well as all other android devices. The app will give you a second by second viewing of every car on display at the IAA with high quality video and audio so that you don’t miss a thing. It would be like attending the show from the comfort of your home and experiencing the charismatic appeal of every single Audi that will be on display.

Infact even if you are lucky enough to have an opportunity to actually visit the show, the app will make it a much smoother experience guiding you on the event and telling you what is on display where. If you do get tired traversing the gorgeous carpeted hallways at the IAA, you can kick back and perch yourself somewhere and enjoy what’s happening in the IAA neighborhood on the app on your phone.

The show is also available for viewing online at the Motor Show’s website so you won’t be missing a thing even if you have succumed to the iPhone temptation just yet.

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