[IAA] After Audi’s extravaganzas, BMW is next in line

With the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) soon to open to the press on the 13th and 14th of September, there is a lot of buzz regarding what to expect. With the consumer electronics show, IFA, already having made tremendous impact as an event as a whole, the auto show has to put in every bit its best to stand out the same way.

While Audi will have its own app to engage you in a showcase of visual and audio delights of its latest cars at the event, BMW will have for you some of the most fuel-efficient speed demons you can think of.

For starters, there will be the new M5, the 1er, and the i3 and i8 on display alongwith variants of the 5R, ConnectDrive, which is the new engine lineup with all the fancy accessories. If you are wondering what the press release for BMW looked like, the shortest version was an incredible 72 pages. So you can imagine what a huge lineup you can expect from the brand. It has built its own track in the event, which in itself is a pretty fancy idea.

The 525d which is juiced up by a a turbo-charged diesel 2L four cylinder, and goes from 0-100 kmh in 7 seconds will be on display.

You might start believing that Audi and BMW are the only ones to have lots of surprises for you, but there are going to be several other car companies that are going to rattle the competition grounds just as bad.

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