The freeway that lets you ride like a man!

A freeway is most fun when it is not bogged by speed limits and stoplights. The ability to free-wheel drive, just throw your hands behind your head and just e njoy the ride on a vast stretch of road, without being rammed by rules and regulations is perhaps the best freeway experience in the world. So here we are, taking a look at an otherwise ignored, unconventioned freeway that embraces all those ideals, situated in India- the 55 mile Mumbai-Pune expressway.

I’ve driven that freeway a few years ago, taking off from Mumbai, the financial nervecenter of India to Pune, the technology hub and one of India’s beloved college towns. I must admit I’ve never had a more fun and free-willed road trip in my life. Although the recent patroling and the increasing number of accidents has taken the charm out of it a little, it continues to remain every youngsters road trip fancy in India. Also, considering it is a tolled street, it keeps a lot of traffic out, especially those that prefer the free routes.

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