Enormous global investment required to avoid planet devastation

While the end of the world in December of 2012 is something that might be well-debated untill the day the catastrophe is predicted to happen, the recently published World Economic and Social Survey:The Great Green Technological Transformation suggests that we may be close to a major planetory catastrophe if we do not engage in massive technological revolution.

The report calls for major global investments in order to step up work in  clean energy technologies, sustainable farming, forestry techniques and to reduce the production of non-biodegradable waste if the world is to avoid devastation. A portion of the report reads:

It is rapidly expanding energy use, mainly driven by fossil fuels, that explains why humanity is on the verge of breaching planetary sustainability boundaries through global warming, biodiversity loss, and disturbance of the nitrogen-cycle balance and other measures of the sustainability of the earth’s ecosystem. A comprehensive global energy transition is urgently needed in order to avert a major planetary catastrophe.

To read more about what figures we are looking at to save our planet, click here:

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