Air pollution affects your brain too and not just your heart!

If you’ve ever visited Mumbai or Beijing, while the tall skyscrapers and rapidly industrializing look will build a fancy within you about how amazing quick these cities are developing, the blurriness and the smog in the air will make you feel just as sad that the cities are also ushering into an era of extreme pollution and pollution-centered diseases.

While we always knew that a polluted environment could lead to several heart and lung related diseases, it has been a blunt eye-opener that the damage might not just end there. Ohio State University recently conducted a test on mice, by putting them in that same polluted environment for 10 months and noticed visible changes in the physical make-up of the brain and could also lead to lowered learning efficiency, depression, and lack of retention power.

“The results suggest prolonged exposure to polluted air can have visible, negative effects on the brain, which can lead to a variety of health problems,” Fonken told The Telegraph. “This could have important and troubling implications for people who live and work in polluted urban areas around the world.”

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