I’ve heard of creative charitable efforts yes, but this one totally rocks it. The banana-shaped car that you see in the picture above is not just a funny pseudo-car sitting at the entrance of some circus, but a real one, built from scratch out of a 1991 Ford F-150. Developed by Steve Braithwaite who moved to the US from England two decades ago, the ‘Big Banana’ car is going to be used by him and his brother Spade to tour the world and spread awareness about deep venin thrombosis, a medical condition that led to their mother’s death.

Going by the looks of that car, it isn’t surprising that the brothers have already managed to raise $1200 for the cause and hope to be able to raise a lot more. Come Spring, and don’t be surprised if you see this eye-catching Banana-shaped car zifting past you and leaves you wondering if you just saw what you saw.


Clean Energy Innovations (CEI) was recently awarded the Great Lakes Entrepreneur’s Quest Emerging Business Grand Prize for its software innovation that supposedly enhances the power performance of mobile phone batteries. Hearing this of course, the automobiles industry is not one to be left far behind, and CEI is hopeful that this software system could also be used in plug-in vehicles and could help enhance the battery life by 25 per cent. A rather ambitious goal I’d say. The company explains that the software controls the battery’s internal resistance and limits heat buildup, which allows for more efficient use of the charge.  The company infact is so confident on this, that it has announced plans of opening up a facility in southeast Michigan by the end of this year, have it operational by 2012 and start production and testing of these batteries for the automobiles industry.

If you are looking for a video that is nothing but a treat to your eyes and a tease to your cravings, click here to see what has been called a tour of the Koenigsegg factory. Not necessarily a tour, but more of a glimpse into the fabulous world of technology meeting aesthetic intelligence, the video does give you a sneak peak at the Agera and CCXR, teamed with special appearance of Christian Koenigsegg.

In an age when wakeboarding and several other watersports are coming on the forefront again, what you are about to witness is high energy coupled with nature-driven power. Yes, the performer still needs more practice before he gets to the full functioning of that water-powered jet-pack called the Jetlev R200. That’s Bradley Hasemeyer from Translogic using the craft to ripple the waves. He is now in Miami, Florida enjoying the jet pack.  After strapping himself onto that dynamic watersport-machine that costs nearly $100,000, the man takes off on a bumpy, clumsy, but radically exciting sway through the water.

Sure, it is isn’t as stunning-looking as several of the cars out there but the Fiat Panda has stuck its purpose. With more than two milion units sold since its launch in May 2003, Fiat’s only Panda production factory in Tychy, Poland, has been a very busy one.  You might wonder where these Pandas are, if these 2 million are already out there. Well, the stallions in the Panda owning race are Italy with 1,204,734 units, followed by Germany with 164,600, France grabbed 125,239 and Poland snatched up 115,465 units.

Offered with three gas-sipping engines at 54-horsepower 1.1-liter, a 69-hp 1.2-liter and the range-topping 77-hp 1.4-liter, there’s two additional versions at 75-hp 1.3-liter diesel engine and compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum.

While the next-generation upgraded version is getting ready for arrival in 2012, The Polish facility is busy churning out more of the present model.

A freeway is most fun when it is not bogged by speed limits and stoplights. The ability to free-wheel drive, just throw your hands behind your head and just e njoy the ride on a vast stretch of road, without being rammed by rules and regulations is perhaps the best freeway experience in the world. So here we are, taking a look at an otherwise ignored, unconventioned freeway that embraces all those ideals, situated in India- the 55 mile Mumbai-Pune expressway.

I’ve driven that freeway a few years ago, taking off from Mumbai, the financial nervecenter of India to Pune, the technology hub and one of India’s beloved college towns. I must admit I’ve never had a more fun and free-willed road trip in my life. Although the recent patroling and the increasing number of accidents has taken the charm out of it a little, it continues to remain every youngsters road trip fancy in India. Also, considering it is a tolled street, it keeps a lot of traffic out, especially those that prefer the free routes.

Personally, I love watching videos created by automobile manufacturers that detail with really good background scores, all the amazing techno-flavoring that has gone into building the latest machine, but this video by BMW for its 1 Series is truly something else. Not only does it have oodles of sex appeal as a video, another unique thing about it is the fact that the entire music is nothing but innovative twisting of original sounds from the car.

BMW teamed up with  Munich artists Jonas Imbery and Mirko Borsche to come up with the uber-cool score called ‘check my machine’. Click here to check out the video and enjoy the audio.

If you’ve ever visited Mumbai or Beijing, while the tall skyscrapers and rapidly industrializing look will build a fancy within you about how amazing quick these cities are developing, the blurriness and the smog in the air will make you feel just as sad that the cities are also ushering into an era of extreme pollution and pollution-centered diseases.

While we always knew that a polluted environment could lead to several heart and lung related diseases, it has been a blunt eye-opener that the damage might not just end there. Ohio State University recently conducted a test on mice, by putting them in that same polluted environment for 10 months and noticed visible changes in the physical make-up of the brain and could also lead to lowered learning efficiency, depression, and lack of retention power.

“The results suggest prolonged exposure to polluted air can have visible, negative effects on the brain, which can lead to a variety of health problems,” Fonken told The Telegraph. “This could have important and troubling implications for people who live and work in polluted urban areas around the world.”

The completely electric BMW Motorrad Concept Scooter is not only really stylish and oomphatic, but also comes as close as possible in range to a regular, internal-combustion engine scooter. The whole idea behind it was to create the first e-scooter which was competitive in range, power, as well as convenience. With a daily range of 62 miles on a full battery charge in just 3 hours, the e-scooter is definitely a first of its kind, but hopefully not the last.

To add to the fancy, the battery has alluminium casing and also has liquid-cooled ancillary systems that acts as the frame. It also comes with a toothed belt that runs from the electric motor to a belt  pulley on the swinging fork pivot, where a drive pinion controls power to the rear wheel through a roller chain.

BYD seems skeptical about its future here in the US, well at least the short term future. Backed by billionaire Warren Buffet, BYD had it all going for itself. However, thanks to the rapidly depleting goverment incentives to automobile owners, dwindling performance of the automobiles sector as a whole, and increased management and financial expenses. A net profit drop of 84.4 per cent year on year is quite a big blow.BYD reported its 2011 Q1 net profit of 266.74 million yuan ($41.2 million U.S. at the current exchange rate), compared to 1.70 billion yuan ($263 million U.S.) for the first quarter of 2010.

Operating revenues have declined too as a result of plummeting sales and other factors. Let’s hope things begin to look up for BYD at some point. If Warren Buffet backed it up, I am sure it holds some promise.