Bosch and Daimler get approval for driverless parking 
Thanks to an automated guided vehicle parking system, Bosch and Daimler have reached a milestone on the way to automated driving: For the automated parking system in the parking garage of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, the two companies have now been approved by the responsible authorities in Baden-Württemberg. The automated ancestor and parking service is accessed via smartphone app and does not require a security driver. It is thus the world’s first fully automated and driverless parking function according to SAE Level 41, which is officially approved for everyday use.

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Beijing Automotive Group secures five percent stake in Daimler The Chinese Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC) has secured a 5 percent stake in Daimler. In addition to a direct participation of 2.48 percent have secured the right to acquire additional voting rights in the amount of 2.52 percent, said BAIC on Tuesday in Beijing. The acquisition of shares will underline and strengthen the previous cooperation.

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Daimler production: works council is for more cooperation between German manufacturers
Daimler works council chief Michael Brecht calls for a significantly expanded cooperation of the German carmaker. “I am of the opinion that in autonomous driving a broad alliance of German manufacturers is necessary,” said Brecht the industry and business newspaper Automobilwoche. “Here, in the end, as in aviation, there will be a standard that is not decisive for the competition.”

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Daimler Project Future

With a new structure and more autonomy in the individual divisions, the carmaker Daimler wants to be more flexible and ready for to arm the change in the industry . In addition, a new man will take over the management of the group at the Annual General Meeting in Berlin: Ola Källenius, formerly head of development, will replace Dieter Zetsche, the long-running chairman of Daimler. Zetsches term ends with the end of the meeting.

New Course: Daimler Project Future 

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MotorBusiness |  Daimler baut neues Werk für C-Klasse in Brasilien

According to leading German newsmagazine “Der Spiegel”, car maker Mercedes-Benz will build a new factory in Brazil. Key reason for this project in this rapidly growing region: Mercedes is suffering from high import duties for the sale of imported vehicles. The production of the C-Class in Brazil should be starting no later than 2015, the report states. Read more

In an attempt to overtake rivals BMW and Audi in 2020, Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars, announced “Mercedes-Benz 2020 – Best Customer Experience” – a new marketing and sales growth strategy consolidating new approaches in marketing, sales and after-sales.

Under this strategy, which Schmidt refers to as “innovative, differentiated sales formats,” Daimler will offer the first online storefront for its cars later this year. The company also plans to increase its presence in cities to 40 worldwide stores, in addition to so-called pop-up stores, temporary shops and pavillions which appeal to a younger market segment.  Read more

Smart Mobility | Car2go & CO: Daimler wants to make a billion with Mobility Services

With its subsidiary, the Stuttgart manufacturer Daimler has grouped a range of mobility services, including the innovative car sharing Car2Go, which was developed and released back in 2008. Read more

In Sight: Daimler Trucks is Gearing for Significant Growth in Asia

Daimler‘s  commercial vehicles division has reached another milestone with the integrated “Asia Business Model”, which is an integral component of the Global Excellence Initiative “Daimler Trucks Number One”.

The company will bundle the activities of the subsidiaries Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) headquartered in Kawasaki, Japan, and Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (DICV) headquartered in Chennai, India, under the umbrella of “Daimler Trucks Asia”. Read more

Mobility of the Future: Daimler Aiming to Make a MarkA fresh wind blows through fresh brands. The automobile giant Daimler plans to develop a new brand. According to information from the German media branch journal HORIZONT, a team of branding experts is already working on a Daimler brand covering the area of Mobility of the Future.

Innovative products and offers will be brought together under the brand. The control lies in Daimler’s Mobility Services division, a subsidiary of Daimler Financial Services founded at the start of the year. Read more

With Daimler AG and General Motors having set the trend for producing EV vehicles in China, Ford is now in hot pursuit. Ford has announced that it plans to start producing EV vehicles in China in association with its partner Changan Automobile Group. Considering Ford already holds the largest market share in China, it only makes sense that the brand was not going to miss out on an exceptional opportunity and let its competitors take the lead.

As we move to more electrification, you’re going to see more hybrids,  plug-in hybrids and all-electric,” Alan Mulally, the CEO told Bloomberg  News on September 24th.
Ford hasn’t had much hand in the EV market and is in fact launching its first EV-vehicle in the US in early 2012. Ford expects EV manufacturing in China to add tremendously to its already soaring sales figures which are already at an increase of 11 per cent this year.