What motorists on rural roads have to expect

Motorists expect better on the highway always with unpredictable dangers. That advises the ADAC. For example with animals on the road. Even suddenly bending cars, a slow-moving tractor behind a hilltop or a motorcyclist, who may meet with more speed than estimated, let the situation quickly become brittle.

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Rapide S Hydroracer

Austin Martin is no stranger to the race track. But it’s new vehicle will be the first of ti’s kind to race in an international event.  The vehicle is based on the company’s 4-door sports car and is called the Rapide S. What makes this vehicle so unusual is that it is powered by hydrogen.

The Rapide S will be competing next month in the 41st ADAC Zurich 24 hours of Nerburgring. The heart of the vehicle will be a 6.0 liter twin turbo charged V12, having the capability to run on wither pure gaseous hydrogen, straight gas or a combo of the two. Read more

On the Road | Packing especially carefully when travelling

With the summer holidays fast approaching, travelers going by automobile are being advised to pack heavy items of baggage especially carefully. In the event of a crash at speed, the heavier items can quickly become a deadly danger. This warning comes from the automobile journal AUTOStrassenverkehr (Road Traffic). In crash tests organized by the German drivers’ association ADAC, suitcases weighing 20kg (44lbs) have a collision impact weight of around a half ton at 50 km/h (30 mph). Read more

Motor in Practice | Replacement parts often outlive cars – Even Exhaust Pipes

Owners that regularly apply tender loving care to their automobiles have a good chance of driving them on their last journeys to the scrap heap with the original engines, starter motors, gearboxes, and turbo chargers. According to an article in the German car magazine auto motor und sport, these parts can today be expected to last a good 250,000 km (155,000 miles), meaning about as long as the vehicle itself. The owner need only replace engine oil and other important lubricants at regular intervals, along with the filter. Read more

Opel Adam R2 Rally concept

Before you get excited for the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup, watch this Adam Rallye Cup car get dirty. I’m sure young race car drivers wannabe are gearing up for this ADAC Opel Ralleye Cup, drive 140-hp cars finally to start their careers, and win 100,000 euros. Read more

Lexus IS: Tuned and tweaked

June 2, 2008 | Labels: ,

lexus-prototypeIt was suspected to be the next Lexus IS, but we say it isn’t so. This is a modified or I should say tuned version, which was being tested under sheets for hiding the names on the decals, in this case Gazoo racing. Read more

MotorMediaWatch May 23

May 23, 2008

The Indiana Jones motorcycle — what IS it?
When Shia LaBeouf speeds through a college campus with Harrison Ford riding shotgun, it will be aboard a Harley-Davidson. (LAT)+++

Gearhead alert: Cyclone Engine, a big steamer?
A novel steam engine design from Cyclone Power Technolgies (Pompano Beach, Fla.) — and EX-ternal combustion engine, strictly speaking(LAT)+++

Show restraint this weekend — thanks to Volvo
The boys in blue are running a ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign to make sure that Memorial Day weekend, one of the busiest on American roads, isn’t memorable for all the wrong reasons.(LAT)+++

Spend Father’s Day on Rodeo Drive — Dad won’t mind
With Mother’s Day done and dusted, the next headache is Father’s Day, a breed who are notoriously difficult to buy for..(LAT)+++

Ford Stumble Signals Rising Risks
Ford said it is “extremely unlikely” to return to a profit in 2009 as higher gas prices cut into sales. CEO Mullally said the industry has “reached a tipping point” and that falling truck sales represent a long-term shift in the market. Ford shares fell 8.2%. (WSJ)+++

Questions for Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is one of the biggest names competing at this year’s Indianapolis 500 race, both because she is a top driver and because she is a woman. She talks about what it takes to win one of the biggest sporting events in the world. (WSJ)+++

Ride Screen: Three Row SUVs
While the third-row isn’t always the best seat in an SUV, many buyers want them for occasional use. Here are five SUVs with third-row seats that get better-than-average fuel economy for the class.(WSJ)+++

Car Cast
David Patton and Mathew Passy discuss how motorists are going smaller, in some cases from four wheels to two, and how this is driving up prices of used vehicles. Also, car companies work to change perceptions about small-car safety while struggling to overcome a bubble in the U.S. market. (WSJ)+++

Honda Plans a Low-Cost Hybrid
Honda will introduce a low-cost, gasoline-electric hybrid car in the U.S., Japan and Europe early next year, one of four new hybrids it plans to release by 2015.(WSJ)+++

Worries About a Timing Belt
This week, Jonathan Welsh offers advice to readers on when to change the timing belt, why to keep a big SUV if saving money is important and why Toyota won’t make a new Previa minivan. (WSJ)+++

GM union approves new contract at Kansas plant
KANSAS CITY, Kan. – Union members at General Motors’ Fairfax assembly plant here have approved a new contract, ending a nearly three-week-old strike. (SJM)+++

Ford cuts North American production, profit goal
Ford Motor is cutting North American production of pickups and SUVs as car buyers eyeing record gas prices turn toward more fuel-efficient models. The automaker says it no longer expects to return to profitability by 2009. (SJM)+++

American Axle workers OK contract, ending long strike
BREAKING NEWS: Workers from the largest union local at American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. approved a new contract Thursday, ending a nearly three-month-old strike.(DFP)+++

Ford trimming production, cutting jobs by Aug. 1
When gasoline prices hit $3.50 a gallon last month, Ford Motor Co.’s promising start to 2008 fell off course.(DFP)+++

Axle workers at crossroads
More than 3,600 striking American Axle workers are contemplating crucial choices about whether to stay with the company at a lower wage with a cash payment to soften the reduction, or take a buyout and move on.(DFP)+++

Consultant: Auto woes far from over
The challenges faced by the North American automotive industry are far from over, according to John Hoffecker, managing director of AlixPartners LLC, a turnaround consulting firm in Southfield.(DFP)+++

Kansas GM employees to return
Greg Murray wasn’t looking forward to getting up at 5 a.m. today, but he’s happy to be returning to work at General Motors Corp.’s Fairfax Assembly in Kansas City, Kan.(DFP)+++

Ford board stays neutral on Kerkorian offer
Ford Motor Co.’s board of directors today announced that it will remain neutral in advising shareholders about billionaire Kirk Kerkorian’s cash tender.(DFP)+++

Mulally’s memo to Ford employees
Here is a memo Ford CEO Alan Mulally sent today to Ford employees:(DFP)+++

Corn grown for ethanol feeds feud over food
Thanks to rising food prices, ethanol has lost its luster in Washington. Lawmakers reworked the recent farm bill to lower incentives for ethanol. The governor of Texas wants a waiver from federal requirements for more of the fuel in the coming years.(DFP)+++

Flex has streamlined lines
Ford’s striking new Flex wagon, which goes on sale next month, has a number of unusual design elements, including its two-tone paint and low and wide proportions, but none are more unusual than the horizontal grooves stamped into its doors.(DFP)+++

Ferrari Spyder bid sets a record
A record for automotive auctions was set last weekend in Italy. British TV and radio personality Chris Evans paid $10,894,900 for a 1961 Ferrari California Spyder formerly owned by actor James Coburn.(DFP)+++

Small used cars selling quickly
The beige 2003 Honda Civic sat on Mike Haile’s used-car lot in Atlanta for only three days before he sold it for $8,200. And that was $300 more than the asking price.(DFP)+++

Decision day for metro Detroit American Axle workers difficult
As a contract vote at the largest UAW local representing workers at American Axle & Manufacturing & Inc. dwindled into its last hours, workers who accepted the deal did so with reluctance. For those who said they rejected the contract, it was their last chance to protest.(DFP)+++

Ford shares sink upon news, making Kerkorian bid more attractive
If billionaire Kirk Kerkorian didn’t have enough takers on his offer to buy 20 million shares of Ford Motor Co. stock — at $8.50 a piece — he might face a stampede now.(DFP)+++

Telematics Detroit 2008 conference sold out
The Telematics Detroit 2008 conference, to be held at the Rock Financial Showplace through today, is sold out, according to show organizers. Nearly 1,500 exhibitors and others attended Wednesday to discuss in-car infotainment, navigation and other emerging technologies.(DFP)+++

American Axle workers face life-changing decision
Striking workers are contemplating crucial choices about whether to stay with the company at a lower wage with a cash payment to soften the reduction, or take a buyout and move on.(DFP)+++

Kansas GM workers OK contract
Greg Murray wasn’t looking forward to getting up at 5 a.m., but he’s happy to be returning to work at General Motors Corp.’s Fairfax Assembly in Kansas City, Kan.(DFP)+++

Read advice from a financial adviser on the American Axle strike
Do you have questions about what to do if the deal is ratified? Should you take a buyout? How do you plan for retirement after taking a wage cut? How should you use your buy-down? Workers at American Axle’s largest Detroit plant will decide today if they should accept a contract that would change…(DFP)+++

Chevy plant may restart Thursday
General Motors Corp. could be producing its hot-selling Chevrolet Malibu in full force again by the end of the week following the news late Tuesday night that the automaker had reached a tentative agreement with the UAW local in Kansas City, Kan.(DFP)+++

Locals saying yes to Axle deal
All of the UAW locals that voted on the union’s tentative agreement with American Axle & Manufacturing Inc. appeared to have approved the deal, including those whose members face some of the agreement’s worst terms, such as plant closures and $10 an hour wages.(DFP)+++

Honda plans 5-door hybrid sedan for ’09
TOKYO — Honda will sell a new, improved and affordable gas-electric hybrid in the United States, Japan and Europe starting in early 2009, underlining the Japanese automaker’s commitment to “green” technology, the company president said today.(DFP)+++

Volkswagen brand sales climb 10.3% in April
FRANKFURT, Germany — Volkswagen AG said today deliveries for its flagship brand were up more than 10% in April to a record level for the division.(DFP)+++

GM considers making more Malibus in Orion Township
General Motors was in talks Tuesday to add a third shift at an Orion Township plant that makes the Chevrolet Malibu as a strike in Kansas reduced production of the cars, a UAW local official said. A tentative agreement in the strike at GM’s Fairfax plant in Kansas City, Kan.(DFP)+++

GM Kansas workers offered $1,250 bonus
UAW workers at General Motors Corp.’s Kansas City, Kan., plant will receive a $1,250 bonus as part of a tentative agreement between Local 31 and the automaker, the union reported in a highlights sheet distributed to members today.(DFP)+++

Futuristic vehicle designs blast off
Those Jetsons — the forward-looking cartoon family of the 1960s — were on to something with their bubbly, teardrop-shaped space car.(DFP)+++

Pieces of parts maker for sale
Plastech Engineered Products Inc. is pursuing a plan to put all of its assets on the auction block, a move that eventually could dissolve the company as it is known today.(DFP)+++

Calif. fuel law to benefit some foreign automakers
WASHINGTON — A little-noticed provision of California’s law setting tough limits on greenhouse gases from vehicles would exempt many foreign automakers from meeting the standards for years, a clause the industry said Monday would create unfair advantages. (DFP)+++

Younger adults to weigh in on making area attractive
For the first time, the Detroit Regional Chamber will formally bring into the mix of policy and decision-makers at the annual Mackinac Policy Conference a group of young professionals who have been brainstorming ways to attract young people to metro Detroit.(DFP)+++

Tax break OK’d in Detroit
The Detroit City Council approved a tax break Tuesday for a new investment by Chrysler LLC at its Jefferson North Assembly Plant. The tax break totals nearly $23 million over 12 years on an investment worth $281 million, according to city records presented at a previous committee meeting. (DFP)+++

More details emerge as Veritas RS III gears up for production
Regular readers will recall that about a month ago, our man Chris Tutor grabbed a photo of a mysterious car standing at the gates of the vaunted Nurburgring Nordschleiffe. (AUTOBLOG)+++

2009 Mercedes G-Class comes in for subtle revisions, more power
The Mercedes G-Class is like the tux and tails — its remains in vogue no matter what’s happening in the world around it. And like the tux, it looks pretty much like it did when it first arrived, and changes to it still don’t come quickly.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Wörthersee 2008: VW Golf GTI Performance study on display
W hasn’t released any info on the car you see here, which is called the Golf GTI Performance design study, so we’ll call it like we see it.(AUTOBLOG)+++

New Saab 9-5 set for Geneva next March
Originally predicted to be shown at the Paris Motor Show in October of this year, the 2010 Saab 9-5 won’t actually debut until the 2009 Geneva Motor Show in March of next year.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Finally… Mitsubishi Evo X MR coming to the U.S. this June
We’ve already spent some wheel time in the Mitsubishi Evolution X GSR, and despite some dynamic criticisms, we’re convinced that the new Evo remains one of the most compelling performance bargains south of $40-grand.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Volkswagen unveils Passat R36 Variant Styling Study at Worthersee
The Volkswagen and Audi crew are blowing up this year’s Worthersee GTI meet in Worther Lake, Austria, first with the introduction of the A3 TDI clubsport quattro concept and damn-near production version of the TT clubsport quattro, and earlier today with the unveiling of the Scirocco GT24.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Lexus considering two dedicated hybrid models
We’ve known for quite some time that Toyota would be introducing the world to its third-generation Prius hybrid sedan at next year’s Detroit Auto Show. (AUTOBLOG)+++

MotorMediaWatch April 18

April 18, 2008

Rumble Seat: 2009 Nissan GT-R
By Dan Neil
A marvel of power and speed, the all-wheel-drive GT-R coupe is so safe and serene that it’s curiously lacking in thrills. (LAT)+++

Viva Speed Racer
For those who like their movies full of thrills and spills, with their colors over-saturated, Speed Racer could be just the thing. (LAT)+++

Stylish Off-Roaders
A new group of small recreational utility vehicles are bringing horsepower and style to a previously dowdy segment of off-road driving. (WSJ)+++

Chinese Demand for Pricier Cars Rises
No longer content with no-frills econo-boxes, Chinese car buyers are increasingly using their new wealth to buy the kind of bigger, more-expensive wheels that predominate in developed markets like the U.S.(WSJ)+++

GM Streamlines Marketing
General Motors is aligning its marketing leadership with the four channels that oversee its eight North American brands, in part to improve product development.(WSJ)+++

Learning to Drive on a Stick Shift
This week, Jonathan Welsh offers advice to readers looking for a sedan with a manual transmission to teach a teen how to drive, replacing a small station wagon and the benefits of all-wheel drive in a luxury sedan. (WSJ)+++

European Auto Sales Decline
Uncertainty in the global economy helped put a dent in car sales in Europe last month. New passenger-car registrations on the continent were down 9.5%.(WSJ)+++

Review: Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
David Patton gets behind the wheel of Chevrolet’s new Tahoe Hybrid. The big, pickup-based SUV has been fully engineered to be as fuel-efficient as possible. But are the changes that enough to overcome its heft? (WSJ)+++

Story’s Not Over for Delphi’s Boss
With Delphi mired in bankruptcy, Chairman Robert S. Miller has no shortage of headaches. And now he has another one: His new book, which is being released with more controversy than he and his publisher had expected(WSJ)+++

Chrysler, Nissan Unveil Broad Partnership
Chrysler and Nissan are teaming up to build full-size pickup trucks for the U.S. market and small cars for North America and other markets.(WSJ)+++

Ford Aims to Wow Dealers
Ford is hoping its new “Drive One” marketing strategy, which includes online and viral elements as well as television and print advertising, will get dealers jazzed and turn them into grass-roots advocates for the company.(WSJ)+++

Talking Traffic
David Patton and Mathew Passy talk about Ford’s marketing efforts to its dealers, gadgets that draw buyers and whether people really use new traffic info to avoid jams.(WSJ)+++

Electric carmaker Tesla sues designer
The Tesla Roadster and the Fisker Karma share a sleek, sexy vision of an alternative-fuel future. But their green path has become a rocky road. (SJM)+++

Study: Collision, lane departure systems show promise
Collision warning systems and lane departure alerts are among the most promising new safety technologies and could potentially prevent thousands of fatal accidents, according to a new study by an insurer-funded group. (SJM)+++

Hyundai recalling some Sonata cars
Hyundai Motor said Tuesday it was recalling 393,714 Sonata passenger cars in the United States to fix a problem with the air bag system in the front passenger seat.(SJM)+++

Workers walk out at Lansing GM plant

Union workers at General Motors Corp.’s Lansing Delta Township plant walked off their jobs at 10 a.m. today in a dispute over local contract issues. The strike could cripple production at the plant and have serious implications for the Detroit automaker. (DFP)+++

S. Korean trade deal worth close look
SEOUL, South Korea — On the eve of South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak’s two-day visit this week with President George W. Bush at Camp David, a story that’s been front-page news in Korea for two years may finally get some notice in the United States. (DFP)+++
Chrysler opens engineering office in China

Chrysler LLC has opened an engineering office in Shanghai, China, part of a much larger expansion by the Auburn Hills automaker to beef up its product design efforts outside the United States. (DFP)+++

GM tries to stay out of talks in Axle strike
Despite being stuck in the middle of the UAW’s 7-week strike at American Axle & Manufacturing Inc., General Motors Corp. has stayed away from the bargaining table. (DFP)+++

Supplier strike slows GM crossover production
DELTA TOWNSHIP — Labor disputes are putting production of some of General Motors Corp.’s best-selling vehicles in jeopardy.

Warehouse faces strike
General Motors Corp.’s Lansing Delta Township facility isn’t the only area operation facing worker unrest. About 150 warehouse workers and truck drivers at Comprehensive Logistics in Delta Township could go on strike as early as 12:01 a.m. May 1. (DFP)+++

State loses 15,000 factory jobs in March
Michigan shed 15,000 manufacturing jobs in March because of the American Axle strike and its ripple effects through the auto industry.(DFP)+++

The fastest growing automotive segment is not hybrids, flex-fuel vehicles, crossovers or sedans. It is drivers 65 and older, numbering 29 million today, according to the American Automobile Association. AAA is…(SFC)+++

2008 Malibu Hybrid sedan has the making of a prize-winner

Chevrolet Malibu keeps getting better. The all-new 2008 sedan is a “Car of the Year.” With gasoline topping $3.50, there’s no better time to drive the Malibu Hybrid. The EPA fuel economy rating for the Chevrolet hybrid… (SFC)+++

Salvaged Treasure

Robert L. Moisoff is Business Continuity Manager at ADP National Account Services in Pleasanton. He lives in Concord. If you regularly travel the Interstate 680 corridor between Walnut Creek and Pleasanton during… (SFC)+++

Even during bad times, sales of some luxury cars continue to do well, especially those that offer exceptional performance and an air of exclusivity. All of the major players in the performance luxury “club” have… (SFC)+++

2008 MINI Cooper Clubman

If you believe the MINI is too small to accommodate some activities, meet the other MINI – the MINI Clubman. Available as a base Cooper model and the hotter Cooper S, it’s essentially identical to the MINI Coupe from…(SFC)+++

2008 Mazda Tribute Hybrid
Mazda North American Operations has added the Mazda Tribute Hybrid Electric Vehicle to their lineup for the 2008 model year. The Tribute HEV is the latest environmentally friendly vehicle to join the Mazda lineup. A..(SFC)+++

No car repairs or painting in Beijing until after Olympics
The city of Beijing has drawn widely-publicized controversy due to its poor air-quality leading up to the 2008 Summer Olympic games.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Beijing ’08 Preview: Changfeng Qi Ling CP1A
Imagine a Hyundai Elantra minus the swoopy body line and with a more assertive, Opel-ish beak, and you have the Changfeng Qi Ling CP1A that’ll be unveiled this weekend at the Beijing Motor Show.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Singapore’s F1 night race to use electronic flags
When the Singapore F1 Grand Prix begins on September 28th, it will feature the first application of Digiflags, 35 large screens that can display the different flag colors, making it easier for racers to know what’s going on while speeding down the track.(AUTOBLOG)+++

More cars than ever require premium fuel
Whether you call it “premium,” “super unleaded,” or even “high test,” it all means the same thing — the most expensive gasoline at the pump.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Real photo of the real Volt powertrain mule
As so often happens when the first spy shots of a new car surfaces, we jump all over them trying to get them on-line and then we stop and take a closer look at what we have.(AUTOBLOG)+++

IIHS questions the effectiveness of five new safety features
In the last 24 hours, we’ve been accosted with more high-tech, in-car wizardry than we’ve ever asked for. And while you’ll have to wait until next week to read our review of the new Infiniti FX(AUTOBLOG)+++

Ford launches new performance site for enthusiasts
FoMoCo has decided to provide Ford enthusiasts of all stripes a single website to cater to their performance needs, lusts and communities.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Beijing ’08 Preview: BYD e6 electrifies family hauling
When Auto China (a.k.a. the Beijing Motor Show) opens next week, BYD will pull the wraps off its e6, an EV crossover/MPV with a front end similar in appearance to the JDM Honda Odyssey. Unlike Honda’s people-mover, the e6 runs exclusively on batteries. Its operating range is stated as being 300 km (186 miles) on a full charge.(AUTOBLOG)+++

UAW strike halts GM’s CUV production
This morning, UAW workers at General Motor’s Lansing Delta Township plant in Michigan have began a work stoppage, halting production of the Saturn Outlook, Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Volkswagen Phaeton could return to the U.S. this year, or next
To put it charitably, the Phaeton never met the U.S. sales expectations set by Volkswagen, but that hasn’t stopped VW execs from considering another push to market the luxobarge in North America.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Honda NSX to spearhead RWD model lineup
By most accounts, Honda originally planned to show off the next generation NSX to the seething throngs at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show. (AUTOBLOG)+++

2008 International Engine of the Year Award nominees announced
The “International Engine of the Year Award” is a big deal as far as bragging rights go in this industry. Think of it like the Academy Awards for engines.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Officially Official: BMW S 1000 RR race bike
Let the speculation end! BMW has officially pulled the covers off of its S 1000 RR race bike, which will sprout a production model next year. (AUTOBLOG)+++

Volkswagen up! More details revealed
Volkswagen’s adorable little up! has the ambitious goal of becoming the next original Beetle, and new info on Auto Express seems to indicate that the Germans in Wolfsburg may be on to something.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Ferrari sends Marlboro logos to the ashtray
Though most other F1 teams have banished cigarette advertisements from their fenders in the past few years (AUTOBLOG)+++

MotorMediaWatch April 7

April 7, 2008

Big rebates available on big guzzlers
Car-shoppers in Southern California can find rebates of at least $5,000 on 11 models — most of them from Chrysler — in April. The largest cash-back deals are on bigger cars and trucks. (LAT)+++

Nissan says it will build and sell commercial vehicles in U.S.
DETROIT – Nissan Motor Co. says it will build and sell light commercial vehicles in the U.S., using its existing work force and factories. (SJM)+++

UAW, American Axle to meet Wednesday

Full bargaining teams from the UAW and American Axle & Manufacturing Inc. are expected to meet Wednesday in the first formal talks between the two sides in more than a month.(DFP)+++

Chrysler hopes Dodge crossover will carry optimistic message

BIRMINGHAM — As the economy slumps and gas prices rise, Chrysler LLC wants to remind consumers that cars can still be fun. To that end, the automaker is launching a corporate advertising campaign featuring the tagline “If you can dream it, we can build it.”(DFP)+++

Nissan to build, sell commercial vehicles in US

Nissan Motor Co. says it will build and sell light commercial vehicles in the U.S., using its existing work force and factories.(DFP)+++

Hyundai Motor has no plan to cut production at U.S. factory
SEOUL, South Korea — Hyundai Motor Co. is satisfied with sales levels in the United States and has no plans to cut production at its factory there, a top executive said.(DFP)+++

Heads of UAW, Axle to meet

UAW President Ron Gettelfinger and American Axle & Manufacturing Inc. Chief Executive Officer Dick Dauch — leaders of the sides at odds in a six-week strike that has forced dozens of factory shutdowns and thousands of layoffs — are expected to meet privately today.(DFP)+++

Ford to tout quality in campaign

When Ford Motor Co. launches its “Drive One” campaign tomorrow, after previewing it tonight with dealers in Las Vegas, it will have some powerful new information to back its aggressive new sales pitch.(DFP)+++

Toyota pickup probe pushed
It’s a wonder Frank Visconi walked away from the crash that turned his new Toyota Tacoma pickup into an unrecognizable mush of metal, plastic and dirt. But Visconi has a different wonder — why Toyota doesn’t believe his complaints of sudden acceleration.(DFP)+++

Aston Martin: Not for sale

According to Autocar, rumors of Mercedes-Benz purchasing a major stake in Aston Martin don’t hold water. Aston’s current owners are reportedly not interested in selling all or part of their British sportscar marque to anybody at this time.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Isuzu, dumping product, posts highest sales since 2000

Aggressive dealer cash incentives ranging from $4,000 to $8,000 on vehicles has helped Isuzu record its first quarterly sales increase in nearly eight years.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Ford touting quality equal to that of Toyota and Honda

The Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based RDA Group has found that Ford is on par with top-level stalwarts Toyota and Honda when it comes to vehicle quality.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Big 3 shedding, consolidating dealerships

Detroit’s Big 3 American automakers account for roughly half of new car sales in the United States. So how do you explain that they hold almost two-thirds of all the new car dealerships in the country between them? The automakers themselves recognize the problem, and have been closing dealerships faster than you can say “foreign competition”.(AUTOBLOG)+++

UK feeling special, gets Hyundai Coupe TSIII

Hyundai UK has announced that it’s offering a lightly-modified special edition Hyundai Coupe (that’s “Tiburon” in ‘Merican English… or Spanish, really).(AUTOBLOG)+++

Nissan entering light-duty commercial market in U.S. with three new vehicles
Big news from Canton, Mississippi today. Nissan North America has announced it will be entering the Light Commercial Vehicle business in the U.S. in a big way.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Nissan Intima Teana brochure leaked out
The Scoopers of Cars have gotten their hands on a scanned brochure of the production version of the Nissan Intima concept, and it seems that in addition to getting a mass-market makeover(AUTOBLOG)+++

American Axle Strike: Two GM factories up, one GM factory down
The American Axle strike, now in its second month, is causing General Motors more than a few headaches.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Subaru issues “stop sale” on all models equipped with turbo’d 2.5-liter
JL sent us over an email from Subaru of America that’s instructed dealers to immediate cease sales of all Subaru models equipped with the turbocharged, 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine(AUTOBLOG)+++

Google Street Driveway View

Google Street View is a cool Google Maps feature, but it would appear that one of the Street View driver/camera operators in the Pittsburgh, PA area needs to exercise a little more common sense when recording the lay of the land.(AUTOBLOG)+++

Lexus execs spills the beans: GS F model, 1-series fighter, hybrid galore
Lexus Australia’s chief executive, John Roca, gave up a number of product details to The Australian in an interview this past weekend(AUTOBLOG)+++

Christopher Reitz named as new Alfa design chief
Alfa Romeo has announced Christopher Reitz as its new head of design, succeeding Frank Stephenson who announced his departure last week. (AUTOBLOG)+++