Prices around cars and driving have increased

Prices around driving increased

Driving has become more expensive over the past two years than other goods and services. According to surveys by the Federal Statistical Office, higher fuel costs in particular pushed up the financial burden on motorists.

Extra charge of 4.6 percent in car and driving prices

Since the previous International Motor Show (IAA) in 2017, prices around the car have increased by 4.6 percent, as the authority announced on Wednesday at the upcoming opening of this year’s IAA. General consumer prices rose only 3.4 percent during this period.

Gasoline, new and used cars 

Premium gasoline is currently 8.5 percent more expensive than in September 2017, the diesel surcharge is even 10.5 percent. New cars cost 4.1 percent more and used cars 2.0 percent, as the price investigators have established on the basis of model cases. For other modes of transport, customers were a bit better off than driving. For example, rail tickets became 3.8 percent more expensive in the period and 3.2 percent more in public transport. The lowest price increases were 0.6 percent for classic bicycles without an engine.

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