VW breaks up with the ID 3 in battery era at IAA 2019

VW breaks up with the ID 3 in battery era at IAA 2019
Volkswagen is bringing its first large-capacity electric-powered vehicle to the IAA with the ID 3. The outer Gulf-in-Passat should follow several more Stromer.

Volkswagen ID 3

VW dared with the ID3 the dawn in the era of battery cars. On the eve of the IAA in Frankfurt (11 to 21 September), the Lower Saxony presented their first electric vehicle for mass production.
The outside with a length of 4.21 meters about as big as a Golf, but inside as spacious as a Passat, the VW ID 3 should come from the middle of next year at prices from 30,000 euros on the road. If you subtract from the price nor the state support, the ID 3 is thus on the level of a conventional combustor, says VW. The company already reports 30,000 pre-orders.

Start of a series of electric vehicles

Offered is the ID3, which will be followed within ten years by 20 more electric cars alone at the VW brand, with a 150 kW / 204 hp and 310 Nm strong engine on the front axle and three different batteries. In the base model, 45 kWh are used, above that 58 kW and in the top model 77 kWh. Thus, according to the so-called WLTP standard ranges between 330 and 550 kilometers are possible. The maximum speed is VW at 160 kilometers per hour.
Depending on the model variant, the ID3 is charged with 11 kW of alternating current and up to 125 kW with direct current. The battery pulls in the best case in 30 minutes enough electricity for 290 kilometers.

Puristic cockpit with only two screens

Just like the drive, VW is also breaking new ground in design: the VW ID 3 has the format of the Golf, but a futuristic design. Even inside, the Lower Saxony have detoxified the design: Instead of a lavish expansive cockpit as in Golf & Co, there is only a small monitor on the steering column and a touchscreen next to it.

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