BMW shows X6 in nano black paint

BMW shows X6 in nano black paint
BMW puts on the already presented X6 in third edition on a special show effect. This is ensured by a light-absorbing surface, which makes the car partly invisible.

BMW X6 in nano black paint doesn´t sparkle in the spotlights

Most of the fair novelties sparkle in the light of the spotlights – not so the BMW X6 in nano black. For this purpose, the manufacturer has provided the new edition of the SUV coupe for the appearance at the IAA (public days: 12 to 22 September) with a black paint, the reflections largely prevented and disappear body details.

A nanostructure coating ensures that incoming light is almost completely swallowed, according to BMW. It consists of carbon tubes, each about 5000 times thinner than human hair. One billion of them on a square centimeter made sure that the light was caught in it.

Paint on the BMW X6 has only nearly no market opportunities

However, a BMW spokesman also said that from today’s perspective, the innovative paint has little market opportunities. The material was first put on a vehicle. For series production, for example, from the road safety perspective further tests and development steps are necessary, which are currently not planned. Also, the material is still very sensitive to touch.

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