The all new Audi SUV study AI:Trail quattro

Audi's SUV study Trail quattro for the day after tomorrow

Audi throws a glance at the SUV future at the IAA. The electric Audi study AI:Trail quattro drives largely autonomously, is ultra-wide and has wacky technical details.

Audi AI:Trail quattro

Audi shows at the IAA an experimental SUV study for the day after tomorrow. The Audi AI:Trail quattro is an electric and partially autonomous SUV – designed for a time when mostly sharing vehicles will be on the road.

Because cars would then no longer have to cover all everyday usage requirements, the vehicles would be uncompromising and extreme, founded design chief Marc Lichte the idiosyncratic design of the SUV on the IAA (public days: 12 to 22 September).

The study is 4.15 meters long and unusually wide at 2.15 meters. With freestanding wheels and glazed capsule, it is more reminiscent of a lunar module than a car. The interior can accommodate up to four passengers. Instead of lush screen landscapes, the occupants use the smartphone to operate vehicle functions. The steering wheel shrinks to a control horn. The dashboard is very slim, the view falls below and above it through the glass stem on the road.

Back in hammocks

On the road, the Audi AI:Trail quattro drives largely autonomously, but the systems also support the vehicle off-road. It is powered by four close to the wheels mounted electric motors, which come to 320 kW / 435 hp and bring up to 1000 Newton meters (Nm) of torque on the road. To allow a range of 400 to 500 kilometers, the top speed is limited to 130 km / h.

As is common with studies that are far from everyday life, the designers were also able to let off steam on a few details: instead of cupholders, drinking bottles are distributed in the interior. Where else the rearview mirror is installed, there is a pair of binoculars. The rear seats are constructed like hammocks that you can hang in a tree for a picnic. But the most experimental are the Schweinwerfer: The Audi AI:Trail has two LED drones that rise in the dark, fly ahead and illuminate the way.

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