Porsche equips Taycan with up to 761 hp

Porsche equips Taycan with up to 761 hp

Porsche has pulled the towels from his electric four-seater Taycan. With its 761 hp electric motor to the sports car at the car maker from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen initiate the traffic turnaround. But its price could also mean a new era.

Public debut of the Porsche Taycan at the IAA

Porsche breaks into the all-electric age and brings the Taycan to the start. The four-door sports car between 911 and Panamera was unveiled on Wednesday (September 4) at the same time in Berlin, North America and China.

He celebrates his public debut at the IAA in Frankfurt (12 to 22 September) and comes early next year on the road, said the manufacturer. Prices start at 152.136 euros for the preliminary entry-level model and 185.456 euros for the current top variant.

There is a nearly five-meter-long sports car with four doors, five seats and two luggage compartments of 447 liters. Two electric motors drive the Taycan, which has one of the first electric cars with a two-stage gearbox.

Up to 260 km / h fast

Thus, equally short sprints of at best 2.8 seconds and high top speeds of 260 km / h represent, explain the developers. In the current basic model, the engines produce 500 kW / 680 hp. The 93.4 kWh battery is sufficient for a standard value of 450 kilometers. The top version has up to 560 kW / 761 hp and is therefore only 412 kilometers wide.

But the Taycan is not only fast when driving, but also at the charging station. Because he works with a system voltage of 800 volts, he can tap the power for 100 kilometers in the fast-charging network within five minutes, according to Porsche. For an 80 percent load, the Taycan would ideally need only 22.5 minutes.

Touch screens and just a few buttons

There is also a new interior design for the promising drive. While the Taycan from the outside strongly to 911 and Panamera reminds, he goes inside so own ways and puts more than ever on touch screens instead of buttons.

Nevertheless, Porsche keeps a few traditions of fidelity: Also in the future there is still a start button left of the steering wheel and at the top of the model series are still the types Turbo and Turbo S – even if there are neither burners nor loader.

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