New Nissan Juke arrives in November

New Nissan Juke arrives in November

Lighter, but longer and wider: The new SUV coupe Juke Nissan comes in November in the trade. First, there will only be one engine. However, these are not the only details that the manufacturer announced in advance.

Second generation of the Juke

Nissan is preparing to launch the new Juke. The Japanese automaker has now unveiled the second generation of its model. To the dealers to come the compact SUV coupe in November, said Nissan, without even mentioning prices.

Although the Juke dips 27 kilograms during the generational change, it stretches to 4.21 meters in length and grows to 1.80 meters in width. Thus, he offers, especially in the rear, according to Nissan more knee and headroom. The trunk grows by 20 percent to 422 liters.

Nissan Juke comes with a modern interior design

Interior modern equipped and equipped with a new online infotainment, there are for the Juke, according to Nissan initially only one engine: a 1.0 liter three-cylinder petrol engine, which provides 86 kW / 117 hp and despite the SUV look only the front wheels drives.

Switching is done either by hand or with a seven-speed double clutch. To mileage and consumption makes Nissan still no information. But the Japanese already call a few features: LED headlamps are standard, and for the first time there is an assistance system for the Juke, which should help to keep steering, acceleration, braking and distance on long stretches.

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