What motorists on rural roads have to expect

What motorists on rural roads have to expect

Motorists expect better on the highway always with unpredictable dangers. That advises the ADAC. For example with animals on the road. Even suddenly bending cars, a slow-moving tractor behind a hilltop or a motorcyclist, who may meet with more speed than estimated, let the situation quickly become brittle.

Motorists on country roads – correct pace is important

It does not matter whether you know the route well as a commuter or if you drive it for the first time: Adapted speed is the be-all and end-all, according to the ADAC. In confusing places motorists on rural roads should not overtake and in case of doubt without a speed limit voluntarily to take the foot off the gas and drive less than 100 km / h, are further indications of the car club. If you are on your way to vacation with a heavier car than usual, remember that you need more time for overtaking maneuvers.

On rural roads, most accidents happen

In general, rural roads are particularly dangerous. So they are often lined with trees, not separated from oncoming traffic and often have a curvy, not well visible route.

As reported by the Federal Statistical Office, most (57 percent) road accident victims died on rural roads in 2018. There, 24.3 percent of accidents involving personal injury occurred. Most of these accidents took place within built-up areas (69 percent), where 30 percent of fatalities were fatal.

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